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Four Years After The Earthquake, Haitian Women Continue To Feel The Impact

Then I went to Boston University, the place I studied worldwide relations. I joined a bunch of students who were involved in Haiti known as Massachusetts Haitian Student Associations . We invited people like Mel King and Byron Rushing – have been always concerned in raising consciousness about Haiti.

Through their every day contest with an oppressive hierarchical system out to crush them, market women keep on Haiti’s irrepressible battle for human dignity and freedom. There was a time not very long ago – throughout Haiti’s democratic government headed by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide – when the important function of market women was recognised and valued. After an extended period of resistance to dictatorship, the poor had achieved power and the popularly elected government began to build a society based on the dignity of each human being. President Aristide recognised that the market financial system and market women needed to be at the very centre of any economic plan for Haiti. Despite the resilience, each particular person and collective, of market women, the immeasurable human struggling, hurt and loss delivered to bear by highly effective antagonistic forces cannot be underestimated.


The duties they carry out are part of what is typically understood as women’s labour. This somewhat explains why it’s women who soak up restavèk youngsters and perhaps why the bulk – round two-thirds – of those children are girls. The UN Development Programme -Government of Haiti initiative has registered more than 19,000 individuals who shall be skilled in disaster-resilient home constructing techniques. Market women are on the forefront of Haiti’s battle to survive against the savage impact of world capitalism on this small nation. The poor endure due to their tremendous capability for survival.

Their position encompasses domestic labour in a context where households lack fundamental infrastructure and require human effort to function. They fetch water, cook dinner over charcoal fires, do backbreaking laundry work and attend to the wants of the households’ members, including kids older and youthful than them.

Association Of Haitian Women (Afab)

Want to be taught more about immigrants to the United States from Mexico, India, Canada, or many different nations? Port-au-Prince– To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and bear in mind its victims, IOM Haiti, its Goodwill Ambassador Phyllisia Ross and a gaggle of Haitian women artists have launched the track ‘Goudou Goudou’ on video. Named for the popular means Haitians describe the earthquake which devastated their nation, the video will assist increase funds for the various displaced Haitians still dwelling in camps who still want support. The Haitian Women Empowerment Brunch is an inspirational brunch for girls to connect, share and inspire. This occasion was curated to acknowledge & spread light on Haitian women and Haitian culture.

In small day by day acts of resistance, women traders find ways to keep away from or outmanoeuvre customs agents, defying authorities restrictions that they contemplate unfair. They brave state officials as well as unofficial agents who demand bribes and may assault or rape them whether or not they adjust to the bribe. Recently, a customs agent opened fire on a market woman who argued with him when she was singled out for inspection as wealthier merchants freely handed by.

Criminal parts roam the marketplaces extorting protection money from women, using any pretext to beat or sexually abuse them. There are not any provisions for public security; women cope with these risks largely alone.

Haitian Heritage Museum Blog

During the indignant response, Haitian witnesses of the incident burned a police station to the bottom. Poverty places women at elevated risk of sexual violence when out of necessity their work takes them into unsafe areas. Many women journey long distances to market, carrying items and money; when haitian brides they arrive, they sleep in a single day on the filth flooring of their stalls. Market women have been robbed on their method to farms to purchase goods or leaving with their merchandise; threatened with sexual assault and rape at bus and taxi depots the place they await transportation.

For decades, the La Saline neighborhood has been the goal of state-sponsored repression as a result of it is a centre of resistance and popular mobilisation. The following week, flames engulfed the largest clothing market in Port-au-Prince, the third fire at that market in lower than a decade. Fifteen hundred distributors, principally women, lost their whole inventory together with their livelihood.

Powerful Haitian Women On The Rise

Back within the 80’s we formed an inter-collegiate committee to boost consciousness about Haiti, and we tutored highschool college students at English High School. It was that time we had huge inflow of the ‘boat people’. I was informed by Haitian youngster protection professionals that there’s “rage” in women’s remedy of restavèk youngsters. Stories had been recounted to me of a restavèk girl being “punished” by having a hot iron positioned on her naked chest, a girl whose college uniform socks were used as toilet paper and a girl who died after being given rat poison to drink . Most restavèk kids stay and work in houses in severely economically disadvantaged urban areas.

Colourful photographs of market women beautify Haitian art, but we ought to be underneath no illusions in regards to the tough, dangerous work that market women carry out. Commerce coupled with accountability for families is a very onerous life. Women endure long days of physical labour in harsh environments, recurring debt, and the danger of misplaced or damaged stock from theft, hearth and flood. The markets themselves are grim public areas without lighting, sanitation, or clean water. Within these determined parameters live hundreds of thousands of women preoccupied with the wrestle to outlive.



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